Footprint for a normally-closed push button switch

I am looking for a normally-closed push button switch which is as small as possible for a long time but since I am really slow and unexperienced for this issue, I couldn’t find any yet. Is there anyone who knows a footprint for that kind of switches ?

You are looking for a switch suggestion not a footprint, otherwise I could make a very small footprint give it you then you would have to find a switch that matched.

You will need to explain what you mean by “as small as is possible” . . . If I found a switch less than 1mm x 1mm but cost $80 you probably would like something bigger . . .

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You are right, sorry for insufficient info. I am actually looking for a switch to put on an approx. 1.5x12 cm sized PCB. So sizes can be 5mmx5mm ±1. But the actual issue of mine is to find a normally closed one.

There are many, many switches out there. But, you need to know what you want and just saying NC (normally closed) and PushButton is not sufficient.

Many are PushButtons most are NO/Tactical and, there are Tactical NC (rare and expensive) and DPDT.

DPDT are plentiful and can be relatively small but, not Micro… I use these and made Key-Caps for them - here’s my link (there’s a link to Amazon posted in the write up…). You configure them to either NO or NC.

If you like, make a Footprint and 3D model. If you like it and are too lazy and uninterested in making Footprint and Model, I’ll post mine… they are 8mm x 8mm

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I had once used a KSR series switch from C&K. If I recall correctly that series was available as no and nc version.

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Thinking laterally: is it maybe possible to redesign your circuit to use a more-normal N/O switch?

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I was wondering something like that. Depending upon how you will use the switch in a circuit, it might be a “piece of cake” to invert the function by adding a transistor or logic gate or illogic gate. :slight_smile:

SW_Momentary_PB_ESE-20C341.kicad_mod (1.9 KB)

But here is one momentary pushbutton footprint that I have made and used. I believe it is normally open. Maybe we can find one which is normally undecided…

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There are lots of these type of switches on a well known Chinese website.
Low voltage, low current.
Search: Push button switch.

You will probably have to make a footprint after you have received and then measured the pin spacing…

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Whilst the switches from say, Knitter Switch, do indeed specify that they are DPDT, the ones from AE just say “Push Button Switch”!!! … we hope they are the same!

And watch out for the pinouts, they may not be what you expect!!

What do you want?
A switch or a push button?

Note that this is alo quite off topic. The goal of this forum is discussing KiCad, not sourcing parts.

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