Footprint field in EEschema


I’ve just switched to new kicad version (I used to use the 2013 version). Is there a way to globally make invisble the footprint field of` the components ? (modifying it for each component is very tedious).

It looks really ugly and I don’t care about the footprint being visible on the schematic .


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Afaik there was/is a script that will be able to edit your libraries and switch stuff around or you go in there manually and edit the fields with some macro in notepad++ for example.

But I know what you mean, my personal libs have all those fields invisible.

thanks for your answer,

yeah I read something about a script of some sort. But I haven’t read about the kicad embbed software thingy yet (phython?). I guess I could write a C program but it’s a bit of a pain.