[footprint editor] non-zero solder mask clearance in 3D view.. bug?

Anyone knows why the 3D viewer started via the footprint editor does show non-zero solder mask clearances, although all settings (pad and footprint clearances in fp editor and global clearnaces in pcbnew) are at 0?
When I open the 3D viewer via pcbnew the solder mask clearance is at 0 for the view.
I’m using BZR6608 at the moment…
Really confused. :confused:

Are you sure those are non-zero clearance. That just looks like parallax to me: solder paste layer is higher up (away from board substrate) than the solder mask layer.

That’s why I posted the 3d views for both to see it easily without a doubt.

Another thing I noticed is that before - say BZR5978-time - I was able to open separate 3d view windows from footprint editor and pcbnew that worked independently.
With BZR6608 I only get one 3d view window ever.
I can’t have two 3d views at the same time anymore… one for the fp editor and one for pcbnew.
I now have to close the 3d view and open it for the other thing I want to see.

I think this is related.

I guess bug report time…

Bug report for missing independent 3D views can be found here:

Might need to file another bug report for the soldermask clearance issue, link will then be here as well.

What do top views look like? It also looks to me like right-side picture is isometric and left-side is perspective.

On an unrelated note, you should reconsider the pin 1 silkscreen on that footprint. You could have manufacturability problems with silkscreen under the QFN part.