Footprint Editor: Invisible texts can be clicked


I’m pretty sure that, in V5, when a text was tagged invisible, it was impossible then to click on it and to select it, both in Footprint Editor and in PCBnew.

However, in V6.0.2, I found that invisible tagged Front Silkscreen text (for instance, Value field) is still selectable by left click.

This is confusing because, you left-click on a visible element, and “something else” is selected instead.

At first I thought that my footprint was corrupted in some way, but I figured out later that I was clicking on the invisible Value text field…

Is this expected?
Is it a bug that I should report?

Thank you very much!

Basically all items that are displayed can be selected (unless filtered). In the Appearance Manager Objects tab you can select whether hidden (invisible) text should be displayed, or not.


What’s confusing is that “Hidden Text” is unchecked, and therefore, the text field is hidden, but it remains clickable/selectable nonetheless…

If you select a footprint, all fields, including those invisible, are highlighted. They are not ‘selected’, the footprint is.

I can confirm the reported behaviour from @dhaillant .

Hidden text, even if unchecked in the appearance manager (and therefore not displayed on the canvas) , can be selected and edited. I think its a bug.

occurs in v6.02. and also in the development version v6.99

Thank you, I’ll report the bug.

Issue created: Footprint Editor: Invisible texts can be clicked (#11111) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab
(Nice issue number by the way :slight_smile: )

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