Footprint Editor: Delete a corner?

I’m trying to edit a logo on FootPrint editor, since the Image Importer is just horrible, and I have to correct all its errors.

But I can’t find a way to DELETE the corners.

is there a way please?

Only the square marked points can be removed. Right click one of these and then click remove corner.


I have aassigned hotkey for it, I think there is none per default installation, I think. When you can hover over handle and press hotkey to delete it - very fast action.

Indeed, you seem to have nice bezier curves there where the round dots are control points for changing curvature, not corners.

yes nice bezier … it’s pity the original picture has rectangles up there :smiley:

You might get better results by tracing the outlines of a bitmap with an image manipulation application. Inkscape can do that, and convert to svg.

I read you post in another thread only after this. Did you try to trace the bitmap → svg route already for this image? I’m curious to know how it fails. Can you upload the original here?

You didn’t say anything about the actual Curve drawing (DXF, SVG, PNG…etc).

If, for example, it’s a DXF containing a Spline, you can edit it in FreeCAD screenshot below then, Import DXF it into the Footrpint Editor.
Can import into other CAD/Drawing programs, too (such as LibreCAD and Inkscape).

I own Affinity Designer. And I ave made everything in vectorial.
But kicad doesn’t import Vectorial files. i mean the Image Converter of KiCAD

You can Import Vector based (DXF) into the Footprint Editor (thus, avoiding the bad aspects of the crudeness on PNG’s in Kicad’s BMPtool).

My vector pictures are in SVG

And these are the formats that I can export from Affinity

I found that Import > Graphics > accepts SVGs.
But not any ““cavity”” inside For exemple.
letter “P” designed in SVG. There is the cavity of the upper part of the P. It shows a monoblock, instead.

SVG’s have intrinsic features that a User will need to know about to get desired results.

Inkscape can do all you need. Learn how to use Path and the other SVG stuff…There are a handful of options in Inkscape (Path is just one of them). Options include editing the SVG/xml and setting/un-setting ‘Fill’…


[Inkscape] I typed in the letter ‘P’ (but, I could have loaded an SVG). Then, used a Path Tool (you can explore which one will work). I saved it as PNG.

[Kicad] I loaded the PNG into the BMPtool and set the Threshold (to Low. Ignore that part of the image below, taken before setting Threshold). Exported to PCBnew user layer. That makes a Footprint (.mod)

Opened PCBnew, placed the Footprint (shown below).
Right-clicked it and Edit Footpint (shown below)…

You can see the Smoothness and Filled-in hole in the ‘P’. I did not bother to change it’s layer but, could have…

Your turn…

Final Result

Well my letter P was not a font type. It was a path I drawn since the owner of the logo, gave me the logo in PNG, multicolored etc, and I had to remake the logo in SVG drawing all the shapes included the 2 letters. An “A” and a “P”
I exported then the PNG. Imported in KiCAD and ok I was able to work with.

BUT importing the SVG with the method I said, the A and the P have not the hollow part.
The SVG itself is well made, I tested it with several platforms and Affinity Designer has not issues on exporting SVGs

I’m using kicad 5.1.12 and it doesn’t import SVG. So, I’m not able to help beyond suggesting you convert it to PNG. If you have a good SVG, import into Inkscape (or other), path the whole thing and export as PNG then use it in Kicad’s bmp tool…

EDIT: Follow-up

Just to close-out my input:

I took a homemade SVG, Loaded it into Inkscape, Path’d it, Exported as PNG, loaded into Kicad BMPtool (set it for a clean image), Exported it.
Loaded the exported Footprint.

Shown as-is and with Layer changed to Top Cu Layer… Clean image and wouldn’t matter if Text (either made from graphics or Typed).


Oops! I keep forgetting to comment on your Affinity software

Drawing/graphics programs are designed for Graphics - mostly, they don’t consider a handful of things that other software need (or don’t accept). You make an SVG, spit it out for some publications/etc. It’s just a graphic and is expected to be used as a Graphic (not for some other manipulation).

Things like ‘Transforms’ and, well a host of items are often unusable in other programs. Thus, perhaps this is why Inkscape exports a usable PNG made from SVG, while Affinity does not.

I’ve experienced this too many times with SVG’s (to the point where I make my own SVG’s…). I’ve seen this with Libre, EZdraw, Corel, Gravit, and a dozen other software’s… Get the idea? Don’t count/expect Affinity to play well - it’s an un-monitored playground…

You can edit an SVG (just a text file).

Well with Affinity I can export PNGs from SVGs and they are perfectly usable.

But when a PNG is imported into kiCAD, the transformation KiCAD makes is horrible. Although enough usable. but with pain, to adjust all the segments.
For the SVG I just got these missing hollow zones.

Please check these:
Imported vs Original

SVG in PCBNew by Import > Graphics

PNG imported with Image Converter by KiCAD

Very not precise.I refused to manually retouch because it’s small and it’s not a big issue, but there is

I’m confused (could be my old, old age)…

But, when imported into Kicad, you have Horrible results. So, “perfectly usable is not true”.

Horrible PNG and SVG’s with missing/hollow zones isn’t perfectly usable (to me)…

If you post your Perfect SVG and Perfect PNG, I’ll look at them. Otherwise, there’s nothing left for me to comment on (already said it all).