Footprint Editing Arcs and Polygons Feature Request

Minor Feature Request

Arcs: The ability to anter the Center, Radius, Start Angle, and End Angle (or Span Angle) would be very nice. I was able to enter by drawing a couple of lines and then snapping the arc to these lines. Direct Entry of the described parameters would have been much less laborious.

Is it possible the drawing engine supports the Center Radius, Start Angle, End Angle syntax?

Polygons: Would be nice to edit the polygon points from a dialog - even a simple list of the points using hand editing or better would be to click on the point and have that point open a dialog for manual entry. As it is, I drew some lines first and then drew the polygon by snapping to the ends of these lines. Adjustment was a little more difficult and in one case, I edited the raw symbol file using Notepad++.

Funny, It seems like I always use parts which are NOT in the shipped Libraries (Now Using 8.01), particularly the Analog Devices MAX20406A using the Maxim F173A3FY+6 3.5x3.75x0.75mm footprint.

arcs: there was some programming effort going on: Pcbnew: Improve arc editing (#13356) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab. Maybe it get’s into the current development version (v8.99 nightly versions) at some time.

Polygone: there is at least the possibility to define the coordinate for one corner point at a time:

  • select polygon
  • hover mouse pointer exactly over one corner point
  • RMB-click–>context menu–>Shape modification tools–>Move corner point to…

For a spreadsheet/table option for modifying a polygone you have to open a new gitlab feature request yourself.
In my opinion this is a comfort feature and would be a good candidate for a plugin solution: users who need this feature can use the plugin, for others this won’t clutter the GUI with the next menu entry.

Very helpful information. The Shape Modification tools are a nice trick to have.

This is the pad I created along with an image showing how I created the pad. Drew lines and arcs for the perimeter, offset the lines and arcs by half the line width and then filled in the interior with a polygon. Pretty tedious and took a while to figure out. This seems to be a very unusual pad shape, in my experience.



Do you know if the polygon can contain arcs?

Do you know if the polygon can contain arcs?

Yes, I know that.

But I won’t tell.

Or maybe:

  • you can’t directly draw an arc as part of a polygon (because in polygon drawing mode you draw only line segments)
  • but a polygon itself can consist of a combination of lines and arcs
  • to get such a “combined arcs+lines” polygon:
    • you can import a polygon from a dxf file. The dxf file itself can be created with a more sophisticated 2D-Cad tool with appropriate 2D drawing tools (I use QCAD as lightweight 2d tool).
    • you can first draw individual lines + arcs forming a closed outline. Select all these items → RMB-click–>context menu–>Create from selection–>Create polygone from selection.
    • you are free to decide if you work with/without linewidth (only for filled polygone)

personal remark for such complicated pad shapes: Today I very often ignore the exact pad shape geometry from manufacturer datasheet and work with simplified pad geometries. Admittedly I don’t work in space craft engineering and not with bleeding edge 200Ghz technology, but sometimes it looks like the writer of the datasheet has also no real clue and just copied the pad geometry from the 3D model step file.