Footprint doesn't match


I’m having a problem with the PCB displaying the “Footprint does not match copy in library” warning. I understand that when I change the diameter of the cavity, this warning appears and I actually want to change it. The basic diameter is 3.2 mm and I’ve changed it to 2.6 mm. The problem is that when I update the PCB, the diameter reverts to 3.2 mm, which is annoying. Do you know a technique that will allow me to stop getting this warning?


  1. PCB Editor / File / Export / Footprint to new library
  2. Accept it when KiCad asks you to update the library link to link to that new library.
  3. PCB Editor / Tools / Update Schematic from PCB to update the library link in the schematic too to use that new library. (This is the reverse direction from the normal Update PCB from Schematic.
  4. Modify the library footprint.
  5. Do the normal Update PCB from Schematic.

This is just one way of doing it, but the idea is that you create a new library with your footprint (the default libraries are not modifiable), and to make sure the schematic links to the footprint in that new library (The schematic is always the reference).