Footprint - Convert .dxf file to .pretty file

Hi. I have a .dxf file from a QFN socket manufacturer that I believe was created in AutoCAD of the socket footprint. Is there a way to convert it to the .pretty format? It would save a lot of time on my part from having to create a new footprint. Thank you,

What have you tried? Have you tried the “import .dxf file” option in the footprint editor?

This won’t work for what you need though, it only maps to non-copper layers. No, there isn’t an import-ish way to make footprints or symbols, but I think you’ll find the footprint editor pretty easy to work with. Check out Ctrl+D (duplicate) and Ctrl+N (array tool).

Also, if your Kicad build was built with Python scripting (I think) you should have some wizard tool for making usual components like SOIC, QFN, etc.

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I tried importing within the footprint editor but the only file types it allowed were .kicad_mod, .emp and .fp. There was not an option to import .dxf.

What version of Kicad are you running (Help -> About or something)?

I think File.Import DXF is greyed out, until you File.New , then you can import DXF.
This import has no scale, or units forcing, and has issues on some of my test DXF files.

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The version of KiCad is 4.0.2+e4-6225~38~ubuntu14.04.1-stable,release build.

Does this work for you?

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