Footprint component type doesn't match footprint pads (expected 'Through hole"; actual 'SMD')

This question is about the DRC message…
“Footprint component type doesn’t match footprint pads (expected 'Through hole”; actual ‘SMD’)"

I’ve seen a few threads on this DRC message when migrating a project to the newest KiCAD version, the other threads involve vias inside an SMD footprint, of which a nice clean solution exists to choose “heatsink pad” as the fabrication property for those vias. Perfect.

But for SMD components like the USB-C connector below, which does have some through-hole legs (for the shield in this case), no suitable fabrication property exists to satisfy the DRC while maintaining the footprint as “SMD”

A thought: perhaps a “Mechanical pad” or “Shield pad” fabrication property could be added for this purpose?

Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 14.14.29

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