Footprint assignement for IDE power connector 4 pin PCB


Sorry for my bad english :woozy_face:

Since two days I’m looking for “IDE power connector 4pin PCB pitch 5.08mm” assignement footprint in kicad.
Impossible to find it… Any help?

Tkank you!

You would spend much less time designing the right footprint yourself.
Find a similar footprint. Copy it to your library, rename and modify.
I use only symbols and footprints from my libraries. Each my symbol has footprint attached to it so adding a symbol at schematic does the whole work for me.


Maybe it’s a Molex connector - Wikipedia?

I quote this because it’s the best advice you can get. Using the dimensions given in the image it will take a couple of minutes if you know what you are doing, and you should learn it anyway. If you want something to start with, TE_MATE-N-LOK_350211-1_1x04_P5.08mm_Vertical may be quite close.

Thank you for your answers!

I will find how to make my own footprint


Seriously. This is pretty much a must for any ECAD program.

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