Folder path settings in 6.0?

Every time I launch 6.0.4, KiCAD creates a folder tree in the root level of my Documents folder.

I already have a subfolder dedicated to my KiCAD files and I’d like the program to work within that subfolder instead.

Where do I go to make sure the path variable is set properly? I’m using the macOS version.

I’ve tried all the menus I could think of, and it still creates that folder every time.

In the config file kicad_common.json there is an entry for working_dir. Mine’s set to my home directory which obviously exists. I think it’s only used as a starting point in print dialogues and doesn’t affect project folders. I wonder if yours is set to ~/Documents/Kicad or something like that.

I THINK I found the config file, but the entry in question points to the application folder, not the documents folder.

You can’t turn that off at the moment.

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