Folder button disappears in the footprint libraries dialog

hello all,

Kicad 6.0.8 just installed in a fresh Windows 11 installation on a recent HP Pavilion notebook (I5 8th generation, 16 GB ram).

I was in the main Kicad window and I was configuring symbols and footprints libraries. No problem on symbols. When in the footprints dialog, I was adding the modules. At a certain moment (I was almost done) I suspended and I clicked OK and then exited the dialog to make something else. Returning in the footprint dialog I noticed that the folder button has disappeared. Nothing was useful to make it appear again (close Kicad and reboot, for example, and even reinstalling Kicad over itself).

I have made a simple test: removing a certain number of footprints, OK and exit the dialog. Entering the dialog again the button was visible again. Now I added all footprints up to the last one. The button was still there. OK and exit, entering the dialog again and the button was gone again.

I suppose that the base of the two dialogs (symbols and footprints) is the same; I have the same number of symbols and the same number of footprints stored, so I guess that it is not a matter of number of footprints entered in the grid. To conclude, the button disappears only if I exit from the dialog and I enter again. If I load all the footprints without exiting, the button stays there all the time.

I enclose two pictures. The symbols dialog shows the folder button with no problems, while the footprints dialog has no button.

Can you help with this?


don’t mind, I figured it out. The combo button disappears as soon as I load a DigiKey footprint or a Sparkfun footprint. It seems that they haven’t been upgraded in the last years.

However, I succeeded to migrate their corresponding symbols, so I thought that footprints would have been ok as well. That was not the case.

I have already removed them and the combo button is back again.

But I wonder why a defective footprint could make it disappear…


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