Flipping the board in Kicad 5.99


I have the following problem: my board got flipped (you can notice that the board name rectangle
is on top right), and I can’t find how to put it back. Probably I pushed a wrong key combination,
but I don’t find anything in the shortcuts.
Screenshot from 2021-02-19 16-51-41

NB: flip board view, from the view menu does not make it, it just flips the board around a vertical
axis but you can notice that the title is still at the same place.

Screenshot from 2021-02-19 16-55-46 x

Could anybody tell me how to put it back to the right orientation?



Addendum: by the way, is there a user manual for Kicad V. 6?

The worksheet shouldn’t be flipped at all, this may be some bug. There’s no other view flipping function than the one in the View menu.

Using KiCad on a certain virtual machine has had a mirroring view problem.

Problem is 3D acceleration of your virtual machine.

Thanks for your replies.
It reminds me something: I have read somewhere that it’s possible to flip the axes. I just found it in preferences and set back Y setting to “increase down” but it doesn’t help.
Thanks for any hint!

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