Flipping a gerber for milling operations

I’m trying to flip the gerber of the bottom copper layer. I intend to load this into FlatCAM and mill the traces. Here is what I’ve read and tried so far:

  1. A post on the Arduino forum suggested adding %MIA1B0*% at the top. With this, I was able to view the mirrored gerber in gerbv. However, when I load this in FlatCAM it still shows the un-mirrored view.
  2. I then exported the mirrored file from gerbv [File > Export > RS-274X (Gerber)] but that didn’t work either.

Anyway I can do this so that I can see the layer mirrored in FlatCAM? Also the Mirrored plot checkbox is greyed out while plotting the gerbers through pcbnew. Is that still a wishlist feature?

You can try to replace all occurrences of “X” (when it’s the first char of a line) by “X-” in the file. It should flip the gerber. Of course, do a backup before :wink:

You can plot mirrored files in Postscript, SVG, HPGL, and some other formats, but no all. formats.
Mirroring is also greyed out for DXF unfortunately. It looks like one of the many small things not completed ni KiCad yet (I’m using V5.0.2 currently).

This worked. Its some manual work though. You have to set the auxiliary origin point and then create the Gerbers using that. I wish that checkbox wasn’t greyed out :wink:

Easiest is to do the mirroring inside Flatcam

I believe you can mirror inside FlatCAM only with double sided boards and not single sided.

I smell an option for making a double sided board with 0 tracks on the other side :slight_smile:

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