Flip the board to see back side of pcb


Hi everyone, i just installed the last kicad version, i’m kinda dissapointed i can’t flip the board to see the back side like if i had the board in my hands. Or is it possible? Is’nt that kind of weird it cant do this? Why ? I have this question since a very long time now. It’s so easy to do in Diptrace… How you deal with that on kicad? Thanks!!


This feature has been added to v5. View -> flip board view


oh i’m sorry about that, i missed it, the french translation confused me, thanks !!!


Last question… can i drag the pcb on the screen using another way than the dragbars at the top and right of the screen and the mouse wheel? In many many other programs you can use space + right click to drag the screen without having to zoom in and out or reach the dragbars, it’s really time consuming.


click the middle mouse button (the mouse wheel should also double as a button)


oh right just figured it out, why was that hard to find online lol thanks again !!!


the middle mouse button thing might not be mentioned because everybody assumes this to be too trivial to be documented.

The flip view is not documented because the documentation did not yet fully catch up with the new features of version 5


yeah i understand, i searched it because in adobe they all use spacebar instead of the middle mouse button, all this cad thing is new to me :slight_smile:


in 3D view (alt-3) I usually use “z” for top-side and “shift-z” for backside.