Flip / mirror graphical item (on the same layer)

Hi, [post regarding v5.99]

  1. Is there an action (hotkey) to “flip horizontal/vertical” or “mirror” a graphical item on the same layer (silkscreen layer, for instance), acting in analogy with “R” (Rotate) action?
  2. If there is, how is it called in “Preferences” -> “Hotkeys” list, what is the default hotkey for this action?

(These - above - were the answers to which I would like to get an answer, please do not read further if want to save your time :))

Further explanations, I am not asking about:

  1. Moving component to another side of the board (“F”);
  2. “View” -> “Flip board view”;

I am trying to draw this symmetrical shape, containing two “mirrored”, or “flipped horizontally” arcs + diagonal lines:

The idea for me was to draw right side “diagonal line” + “arc”, then “Copy with reference” -> Ctrl + V -> “flip horizontally” while dragging and snap mirrored copy to the left side line (video of expectations here):

I was surprised, that expected hotkeys X / Y (expected to be “flip X / Y” while dragging), or “F” (flip), or “M” (mirror) did nothing… Except for:

  1. “F”: which moved arc to bottom silkscreen layer (graphical item under cursor should not be treated as footprint, imo);
  2. “X”: which started to route track. Track should not be started if user is dragging something with a mouse;

Furthermore, I did not found “Flip horizontal” menu item or context menu item for the selected arc itself, when not dragged under cursor.

Although, you can rotate the graphics while moving and with selection only with “R” hotkey, which is perfect.

I am pretty sure “Flip horizontal” action exists, but I cannot find it :slight_smile:

Try Flip (F) then Edit (E) and modify the layer to the former one. I understand it’s not a single keystroke as you wish, but it seems to do the job.

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Very good idea, but

  1. F + E does not work if selection contains multiple items (arc + line dragged together);
  2. F + E perfectly works for single line (both when “duplicating” or “Copy with reference’ing”);
  3. F + E does not work correctly for single arc (arc is a new item, will fill a bug report on gitlab).

@Efcis , as I understand - there is no such thing as “Flip Horizontally” in kicad?

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KiCad’s graphic capabilities are not very great.
If your graphics get much more complicated then this, then consider to draw in a CAD program, save as .dxf and import that in KiCad.

I played around with this for a few minutes.
I can flip some graphics (a selection of both lines and arcs) on Dwgs.User, and as this has no top or bottom, graphics stay on that layer.
Arcs and circles also get flipped just fine if they are on F/B Mask or SilkS layer.

Editing a selection (with e) does not seem to work.
Flipping a single object also behaves different from flipping a block.
With a single object the start point of a line or the center of an arc keeps it’s location. With flipping a block The Y coordinate of the cursor is used as “mirror plane” (can not flip in X direction)
I did not see a case where an arc behaved unexpectedly or differently from a line segment.

I also had a peek at:
Pcbnew / Edit / Edit Text and Graphic Properties

I have not thought hard about this, but is seems logical if this dialog had an option to work with the current selection.

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Thanks, none of this was known for me ( Pcbnew / Edit / Edit Text and Graphic Properties) dialog + special case of “Dwgs.User” layer. Now I can almost perfectly “Flip horizontally” in Dwgs.User layer (for both arc + line together)! No layer change. After work finished, I can move these drawings to silkscreen layer using “Edit Text and Graphic Properties” window.

I will post a wishlist item for graphical flipping actions, because all this seems as a hack, especially, when “Rotate” action exists and acts perfectly.

I will post a wishlist item for graphical flipping actions, because all this seems as a hack, especially, when “Rotate” action exists and acts perfectly.

Please do, despite the current dvpt stage is “feature freezed”, so I doubt it will be available for the v6 to-be.

For the record, the flipping symmetry axis is set in Preferences / Pcbnew / Editing Options (top left). It’s far from ideal to access for your use case, but I wanted to let you know.

Thanks, gathered much info from here, wish list item created :slight_smile:

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