Flip components pin 1 wrong


If I flip a 28 pin sot to put it on the bottom, the pads change, but pin 1 does not change. In schema there is x and y to move pins on drawing.
How do I specify a footprint for components on bottom?


The footprint for any component is unique, no matter if the component is placed on top or on bottom.

As the layout is seen from top, the footprint on bottom is seen mirrored.


But the net list still shows pin 1 on the wrong corner, as does the chip outline. That’s how I noticed the problem. It is as if the component is still on top but the pads are on the bottom. It needs a mirror as the graphics allow. The pin numbers need to flip.


Its not clear what you are seeing. The net list will not change, nor will the schematic.

Perhaps a screenshot would help.

Also look at the 3D it might show you a better view of what is going on.



Then the problem has nothing to do with flipping the footprint.

The schematic symbol is bond to the footprints with the pin-pad numbers. Maybe you have chosen the wrong footprint or the wrong symbol. Flipping or rotating the footprint doesn’t change the relative position of the pins.


On first generation in PCBNEW all components are on top, as experienced, flip changes smt pads but not pin number. I think the proper way is to footprint edit the component to change the pads and then “apply to current part”. Been away and did a workaround, so I haven’t tried.


I’m also guessing what the error is and what the expected behaviour is, therefore:


You are doing something wrong. It sounds like you have some fundamental misconception of how KiCad works or are trying to something very unusual.

You do not need to edit the pads to flip a component to the other side of the board. In the component editor you can create surface mount pads on the back side of the board and you can edit the properties of a surface mount pad in PCBNew to put them on the back side of the board. BUT this almost never what you want to do!
Perhaps you found another way to shift the pads to the bottom layer without flipping the component?

The common procedure is as follows: In PCBNew if you select a component on the front side of the board and hit the 'F" key the part will move to the bottom of the board (i.e. “flip”). Because it is on the bottom, but viewed from the top, the pads will appear to be “reordered”. This is because you are looking at the part’s bottom side instead of at its top side.


The footprints themself do not change, because the component itself does not magically change when you flip it from the top side to the bottom.
When you press “f” to flip a component between front / back then the only reason the visuals change is because you are looking at a mirror image because you look from the top side “through” the PCB. This sometimes is confusing to beginners. If it confuses you then simply use the 3D viewer to look at the backside of the PCB.

The “problem” is either between your chair and your keyboard or you need to describe better what you think is going wrong. Most of your desciptions of what is “wrong” in your opinion do not help at all in clarifiying what de difference is between hwat you are seeing and what you expected to see. and that is why you’ve been asked (multiple times) to post a screenshot.