Flex PCB layers not showing up in manufacturer preview

This is my first time making a flex PCB and my professor wants me to make patches of the different layers to see how they react to a laser cutter. I put a bunch of patches of the different layers on the PCB footprint and generated gerber and drill files for manufacturing, using JLCPCB to make the board. However, when I previewed the PCB, many of the layers and patches were missing. Is it that some of the layers I included cannot be put on a flex PCB or did I make a mistake when generating the files?

below I have an image of the PCB in kicad and what the company is going to generate.

the layers I’m using for the patches are the front solder mask, the margin, courtyard, front silkscreen, front copper, front adhesive, front fabrication, and the front paste.

front margin, front courtyard, and front adhesive are not showing up in the JLCPCB preview window

one on the left is what the manufacturer gerber viewer looks like and the right is my PCB design

Courtyard, fab, and margin are for internal use or documentation and have no physical equivalent on the resulting board. So it makes sense to me that they won’t be plottable in a proper gerber viewer.

Arguably adhesive should show up as a physical thing in the Gerber viewer but only if JLCPCB is willing to do it for you. That may involve a custom quote or additional drawings from their side.

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