First Board Sent to Fab!

So, I sent this ^^^ to OSH Park tonight!

Realize that there are a number of things I would do differently if this were not my first design. Some things are intentionally done “not recommended by IPC”; and I have a reason for this. I want to determine for myself what the effects are if not done according to the almighty IPC. I’ve been a military avionics technician for a very long time now. I’ve seen things work well for a very long time that the IPC frowns upon.

Only thing I forgot to do in the design was trying the new IPC approved oval pads on the SMD parts.

I do have one question though, “How likely are the Gerbers that I generated with OSH Park settings to be compatible with other fab houses?”

GIANT THANKS to EVERYONE here on the forum. I’ve learned things from almost every post.

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Nice! You could do a hell of a lot worse in your first board :+1:

Generally the only thing I change from one fab to the next is the filenames - they all have their own expected naming conventions.

Well, I’ve seen/worked a LOT of different boards during my time on this planet. Some of the good stuff probably got learned by subconscious mental adsorption of the things I liked, and the things I hated.

Just really want to emphasize that some things in the design were intentionally not done the way I know they “should” be; I’m a rebel, a rabble rouser, and I want to find out what I can get away with!

Thanks for the compliment though!

And, it will be neat to compare the JPG with the final product. I promise to try to duplicate the angle of the 3D viewer. However, at the moment, I did not see a way to change the color of the solder mask; so the photo of the OSH Park board will have purple solder mask instead of the typical dark green color.

Filenames, or “filename extensions” or “both”?

Well, extensions. Those are part of the filename :slight_smile:

Mask color should be in Preferences → Choose Colors → Solder Mask Color inside the 3D viewer.

INVISIBLE to the typical Windoze user that does’t have that one box checkmarked the correct way.

And, THANKS for the color information! Now I am going to get a purple board that will be a reasonably close match in color to what I can show on the “viewing monitor” at the maker space.

Unhiding file extensions is a critical part of the Windows setup :slight_smile:


And yet there are so many options when generating them :wink:


It is a STANDARD, but I might likely have to change the file name extensions that are by default NOT shown on Windoze machines!

I think I need another Rum and Coke… I can understand the effects of those settings… Lol.

Aaaaand…KiCad has driven another innocent engineer to drink :grin:

I have read you long enough :older_man: that I knew where to shelf that answer.
On the other hand we have all those nice little icons here… a shame not to use them :ghost: