Fine rotate groups


is it possible to rotate groups by an arbitrary angle.? I do not find such resource.


I am using software 5.1.6 so things might be different.
Under board layout, Preferences, Preferences, Pcbnew, Rotation angle: (change from 90 to 10). Now every time you “R” the area or object will rotate 10 degrees not 90. I think you can put almost any number there. I did a board where each block needs to be at 18 degrees rotated.

Yes, that worked under 5.1.6.

Thank you

Right click and select “Move Exactly…” (or use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+m). You can rotate objects with a resolution of 0.1 °. (Works in 5.1.10, but features are only added between major versions, so it should exist in 5.1.9 too.)

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