Finding pins with the same label

When I open a schematic (usually one that wasn’t made by myself) and I see a pin with a label, what is the fastest way to find out which other pins it is connected to?

I am very often forgetting where my own nets are coming from or going to. I find it to be an imperfect method but I use find (Cntrl-F). Unfortunately that has no particular filter for nets, at least so far as I have seen. So it will find anything with that text.

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In v6 (now RC1) there’s the Highlight net tool. Right hand vertical toolbar, second button from top.

In 5.1.x it is also. I have just checked that if I click at label the bot labels are highlighted - this and second end of my wire. But I use only one page schematic. Don’t know how it works for multi.

I just tested 5.1 and the tool doesn’t work if there are no wires; it doesn’t highlight when clicking on a label or pin. If a wire is clicked the labels are highlighted, but not pins. Version 6 highlights wires, pins and labels, and clicking works even on power symbol name.

If I remember correctly v6 works well between sheets, too.

Eeschema / Edit / Find [Ctrl + F]
Every time you click on Find it cycles to the next text that matches your search text.

Ahh so it is. That is a good (useful) one.