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Hi KiCad community,

I’m new to KiCad, and it seems to be a really powerful tool. However, I’ve been struggeling for the last two days to find standard parts like capacitors or inductors. I’ve installed the part library from GitHub and it seems to contain lots of parts (15017 to be exact), including fancy stuff like GPUs and such, but the only capacitor I can find is listed under pspice.

Is it possible that I’m missing a standard library or should I pick capacitors, resistors and such from pspice and assing footprints and electrical properties at a later stage?

Thanks for your help


Try the ‘device’ library.

Also, just try to add a part to the schematic and type ‘capacitor’ into the “Choose Symbol” window.

As for the GPUs, those are some ancient Motorola parts from the late '70s.


For capacitors the advice by @devbisme is correct.

I assume you are running kicad 4.0.x:
For MCUs you might need to add libs to your project that are “installed” but not active. (A lot of libs are copied to your hard disc but are not added to the default kicad project -> meaning you need to add it your self to either all projects where you need them or add them to the template project)
More details see this old topic: Where are the momentary bush-button switches located? (Especially the last few posts)

In kicad 5 this will be a lot easier as it has a symbol library table similar to the footprint library table.


Thanks guys, that helped!


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