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What would be the correct way to request a change in the way the Find , Control + F , feature functions ?
I’m using this constantly on a new design but honestly wish that it were possible to click through, or hotkey through the popup dialog after I’ve found the footprint in PcbNew.

An example would be using Control + F to find a footprint so it can be moved. After the part is found, I’d like to be able to press M to move the footprint without having to close the Find dialog first. Maybe I’m not using this correctly ? I have to physically close the Find dialog before another command can be executed via hotkey and that’s an extra step that could be eliminated via click/press through.

Shortcut “T” finds footprint and attaches it to your cursor in move mode.

That completely removes the footprint from where it is currently located and attaches it to the cursor. Being able to find a footprint, move to its current location, as is already done but being able to click through the popup dialogue are different issues,

I don’t think there is a way to do that right now. You can file a bug/feature request on launchpad. One possible way to handle this use case would be to add a checkbox “close dialog on first match” to the find dialog.

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The checkbox might be a good idea. I just found it odd that the dialog box hovers right over the part it just found for you, blocking it from view yet it can’t be clicked through. Checking the Do Not Warp Mouse Pointer option does at least move the dialog box away from the view of the found part.

I do not understand.
You want to find a Footprint with the intention to move it and shortcut “t” works wonderfully for that.

I use this extensively for new boards. I usually put Eeschema on my second monitor, or print the schematic as a reference for the reference names, zoom in on the place I want to have my components and use " t " to get the components I want to place in that area.
At that point I really do not care what the old position of those components was.
You also are describing a situation where you use this in a new design. Why would you care about the old location in that scenario?
Maybe you just have to get used a bit to using " t " to grab a footprint.

With [Ctrl + F] the fastest way to get rid of the popup box is to hit [Esc].

I can also click on a schematic symbol in Eeschema in V5.1 and Pcbnew then pans to the location of the corresponding footprint and selects it.
If I then focus on Pcbnew by clicking on the Title bar the Footprint stays connected and I can move it with " m " .

I’m still learning the software and the shortcuts. There are so many, it’s going to take a while to find and remember the ones I find most useful. I just think not having to close the popup box in order to use a command on the found part would streamline workflow. Being able to leave the window open and also being able to use another tool on the now highlighted part would make more sense.

The found part should have focus for commands, not the popup box. Finding 104 keys, having to close the popup after every find, then having to find 104 diodes and having to close the popup again each time seems like an added 208 steps that could be eliminated. Luckily I’m working on a small board and am learning more hotkeys as I go. Completely forgot that Escape is a universal cancel tool hotkey. Thank you for reminding me.

It sure is a feature request. Like 'find component, drop find dialogue, and put focus on fund component.
That feature could be made controllable via check boxes within the find dialogue and/or in preferences.

Suggestion as a workaround for the time being.

Under ‘Preferences | Preferences’ reassign F1 (zoom in) as find component.

Esc being right next to F1 makes it easier.

As for me I hardly ever, except accidentally use F1, F2 for zoom. The mouse wheel, or such, is far more efficient. Therefore F1, F2 are free for reassignment.


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That’s a very good idea @jos ! I only use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out due to all my other experiences in 3D applications. It’s just easier to have it on the mouse which leaves F1 open for reassignment. I’m not sure how to make a feature request, as all I see is the report bug option on launchpad.

Looks like everything goes through this site.

File as a ‘bug’ and tag it, or it get’s tagged as a wishlist entry.

I agree that the big popup box is a bit … (Can’t find the right word).

The most logical choice to me would be to add a search box in the top bar and put it somewhere between the icons on the top of the screen.

I think I read somewhere that configurable button bars are planned somewhere in the future, maybe for V6.

In the meantime, pressing [Esc] when you already have your hands on the keyboard for typing the thing you wanted to search for is a very small disadvantage.
I wonder how much keys I pushed for typing this message. Probably more than 208

(Quick count, including this line it’s already > 500 !).

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A bit clunky perhaps.

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Thank you everyone for the suggestions and help. I’ve reassigned the F1 key for search and am giving that a go. Not really sure I’ll worry about a feature request for this as there are more important issues the Devs can focus on.

I’m just glad we have such a powerful, free tool to work with that is in constant development. And the community to ask for help in.

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