Filtering for symbols leaves all empty folder

When filtered it does show empty librarys. Anyone knows of this problem?

The clue lies in the word ‘Filter’…

It filters out visibility of items (symbols, parts, folders…etc) not containing the item/text you enter.
Meaning, if no items called 66300 in a folder, you won’t see it. If you start deleting the ending 000’s, eventually it will list items containing 663 (such as a Stocko connector…)

Sure, but I seem to recall that some time ago, it did not list any of the libraries that did not have symbols that matched the search terms. And that behavior actually has my preference.

Yeah, I noticed that, too. I have mixed opinion about it…

It does not make any sense to show folders that are empty. If i have an empty toilet paper roll, i usually throw away the core, as it is of no more use to me, because it has nothing on it.

Look at that thumb of the scrollbar, how much scrolling hase to be done! In earlier versions i just had to make a click. Now it is almost as good as having no filter.