Filtering footprints with compatible pin count


When I select a new components for schematic, I have to select a footprint. The problem is that I have to brows myriads of footprints, even those with a different pin number. For example when I selected a footprint for a STM32 208-pin cpu, the footprint selection showed everything, even resistors, capacitors, etc with 2 pins only. Is there a setup somewhere to show only footprints with a compatible pin count?


The IC symbol with the # will filter by pin count. At least in the nightly version I have.



Sorry, I don’t understand. Let’s take a real world example:
I am using an AP1117 regulator, and I want to assign a SOT223-5 to it (from schematic -> E for component editing)
If I open the footprint dialog, there is no field to choose a pin number. The magnifier is an auto zoom, not a search. I tried to look inside of TO_SOT_Packages SMD, but there is no way to choose anything.
I also tried at the bottom (pads, vias, track segments…) but they are not editable.



The number of pins is taken from the schematic symbol. This sometimes breaks for parts with unused pins like 6 pin optos and parts where the body is one pin


“Filter by pin count” is only available in the cvpcb dialog I think.


Sorry, still don’t understand.

The number of pins is taken from the schematic symbol.

Ok, by whom? Do I have to do some special action to “take the number of pins from the schematic symbol”?

“Filter by pin count” is only available in the cvpcb dialog I think.

Ok, we progress. Not available in the cbpcb dialog, thant’s one thing. Now, is the “filter by count” available from somewhere else (i.e. is there a better place than from schematic -> edit to asssign a footprint, and which allows to select by pin number)?




There seems to be a language issue here, that is the opposite of what I said? cvpcb is used to assign footprints, and has the feature you are looking for. eeschema->Tools->Assign Component Footprint


Oops, sorry!
I should take a rest.
I have tried the eeschema -> tools -> assign component footprint.
The drawback is that in this case, the actual pattern is not diplayed.



There are multiple options on how to assign a footprint to a symbol.
For more details see: (Click on the title to get to the topic, click somewhere near the upper right boarder to see the full post here.)


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