Filter for footprints

I was wondering if there is any kind of filter for the footprints. There are myriads of footprints and it would probably be easier to filter at least by pincount if not by name.
Just in case, here is the scenario:
I have used a connector called Conn_02x08_Counter_Clockwise. If I double click the connector,
I can assign a footprint to it, but it just brings the menu in which I have to dig. If by (lack of) chance
I don’t know how it’s called, then it’s a lot of work. Filtering by pin count would already do part of
the job. Then of course if I know how it’s called, for example pinheader, then it would really
be a lot faster. And if the search is tolerant (assuming that pin header is pinheader or the opposite),
it would be fast.
By the way, no relation with the above question, but I used the Conn_02x08_Counter_Clockwise
connector as mentioned above. I understand it can be handy when the schematic reflects more
or less the layout. But now I cannot find a footprint with the same numbering. They are all
alternate, left row odd, right row even. Is there a footprint for the counter clockwise connectors?

In EEschema Tools->Assign footprints can filter by pin count, by lib or by tags in symbol or by any combination of those. In last versions of KiCad it also has a searchbox. That tool used to be called cvpcb.

Hello qu1ck!
Thanks for your reply, that’s exactly what I need! With the extra advantage to display
on a single page what is assigned and what is not.


Check out the faq for more details: How can i assign a footprint to a symbol?

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