Fillets for pad connections (teardrops)


i have had the problem with smal traces connecting to large THT pads. When i was plugin the connector in and out some times the trace was comming disconnected from the pad. For a while i was using the trick of connecting a short but wide trace to the pad but now i have seen a cool connection type in an Altium designer screenshot. Is it possible in Kicad to do something simmilar without a big hassle?

Altium connection:

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The therm you are looking for is teardrops.

And sadly kicad does not yet support it. There seem to be some python scripts and kicad forks out there that add this functionality. Each of them having a different reason as to why they have not been added to kicad it self.

Have a look at these posts:

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Thank you very much Rene. Now i at least know the right tecnical term and can do further investigations.
thanks a lot!

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