Filled zones not working


So I am struggling with filled zones now.

I am using KiCad 5.1.5 version.

Made a filled zone, selected the Net, layer etc, then right mouse click -> Fill and nothing happens.

Tried switching between Filled Area tools (left tool bar) but it makes no difference at all.

Tried 3D preview with no 3D models of parts and cannot see copper zone at all.

What I have done wrong?

If at the region of your filled zone there is nothing connected to Net you selected then zone can’t be filled as if it were filled then that copper will not be connected to Net you specified.
May be it is a source of problem.

I have the connections and the Net in question is GNDREF, so there are many parts linked using this signal.

I now managed to get the zone filled but it does not connect to the same Net pins…

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