Filled Zones not highlighted with net

On the bottom layer of my PCB, I did a GND fill. Like many surfaces, there are pinched areas where no contact is made. Some of these areas are large as seen on the 3D view as a different shade. When I highlight a pad on the GND plane, the fills are not included. How can one make these show if they are inclusive in pcb mode? Also, I like to fill vias when I populate the board. On the GND plane there are several vias I added to make GND contact. Can I make thermal reliefs on these vias?
Thank you.

Vias don’t have thermal reliefs, the purpose of thermal a relief is to make hand soldering of especially THT components in large copper planes possible, without the need for a really powerful soldering iron.
This is not a problem with reflow/wave/etc. soldering.

Never seen that practice as vias usually are covered with soldermask - which is the next problem you would need to solve, vias don’t have soldermask clearings…

That covers Q#2 of yours, back to Q#1…

You might want to try OpenGL canvas then…

(screenshot from nightly version)

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During the gerber export there is the option “do not tent vias”. This option creates vias with soldermask clearance. (At least my gerbers created with a nightly build look like there is the same clearance as for normal pads.)

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Thank you much. I am now closer to submitting my order.