Filled zones covering silk screen and other layers

Hi. I’m new to KiCad and pcblayout programs in general. To learn I’ve been following the Digikey tutorials. I’m using KiCad 5 on Linux.

When I do the copper fill of the board, it covers up the silk screen layer and component outlines, yet it doesn’t do this in the video tutorial I’m watching. Is this an issue with KiCad 5 or am I doing something wrong?

I noticed that when I look at the 3d view, the board looks correct.

The top layer is the default working layer. If you click on the silkscreen layer it will show. Basically it looks like the chosen working layer will be ‘on top’ while working with it. I guess I’ve never noticed it because I usually work with the layers in outline mode for the most part unless checking them.


The legacy mode didn’t/doesn’t(?) do this… the OpenGL one is working as you describe it.

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This is why you can control layer transparency

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Joan is right. It was being set to accellerated graphics mode that made the difference. If I change it to legacy mode it displays as I saw in the tutorial. Thanks.

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