Filled Zone - Overlapping Corners

I have a small problem when creating zone it some times happens that two corners overlap and it will not fill
Images for reference are as follows (as a new user i was not allowed to upload so attached link)

Copper Pour 1.jpg – Shows the pad with filled zone outline, here there is a corner where another corner overlaps. You cannot see it in the Pcbnew. But if you try filling the zone it wont fill, some times it fills everywhere outside the zone and not on the inside. It completely bugs out.

Copper Pour 2.jpg I have circled the corner that is the culprit. The only way to find that corner that i know is to try moving each corner one by one, the corner with two overlapping points will create a new shape like that shown in Copper Pour 3.jpg

Now you delete that corner of can move it to some place else like i did in Copper Pour 4.jpg and now the zone fills as there are no overlapping corners.

I believe i create them with two accidental mouse clicks on the same spot. Its is a pain to detect these corners if the zone is of complex shape.

Is there a way to detect them, am i missing some thing :slight_smile:

Very much appreciate your help and the Kicad team is doing a great job. :slight_smile:

I would put an example file somewhere and file it as a bug. The smaller you can get the file, the better.

Tanks engstad for the response.

Did some fiddling around and i found the culprit, the problem still exists but it only appears if u select corner smoothing option as Filler or chamfer.

I believe the extra corner is causing problem in creating the chamfer or fillet.

I can upload a file but i think there are lot of possibilities in which the zone fill bugs out.

I am planning to do a video of what i am doing so people can replicate the problem. Are we allowed to upload video files on this forum.

Help Appreciated

It might take me some time to create a video, but in the meantime i just made a sample project.
I have also tried adding a extra point on the side (like in the middle of the line) and i believe that too bugs out the fillet and chamfer options but not sure 100%.

Kicad-Overlap (9.0 KB)

Let me know if you have any problem with the file

I think it would be better if there were some square symbols over all the zone points so it will be easy to identify if there are more than two points in a straight line.


The simplest way to work around / fix this is to switch to openGL mode. There you will see drag-handles and you can easily move nodes around and will discover overlapping ones.

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Never used openGL, tried it and its shows markers on the zone corners. Its easy to drag sides and that reveal the extra overlapping corners. It would be nice if we had those markers on default canvas too might make drawing zones easier.

Thanks madworm it kinda helped, this is a work around.

Should this be filed as bug cos i had these same issues in old V2013 too.

Worth a try :slight_smile: But I guess this will be classified as a “quirk”, non-critical and “wont-fix”, as a work-around exists. I don’t think any new stuff will go into the old canvas.

The zone with overlapping corners only fill if corner smothing is set to none. It does not fill with chamfer or fillet.
In all canvas types, so changing the canvas is not a solution. The advantage to changing canvas is that we get markers over corners which makes it easy to move corners.

So let me give it a shot and try reporting it as bug :smile: