Filled zone issues


I am designing a 2 layer PCB and i have setup the both layers as signal …
i have finished my signal routing, now i am trying to make VCC on top layer and GND on bottom layer.
on my board there are 90 , 2x3 header SMD connectors on pcb, 1st pin of each connector pin is VCC , now i am connecting this pins using FILLED ZONES , it is happening but when i run the DRC , it trough’s the error as UNCONNECTED PADS same with GND layer also

Please post a screenshot of your board. We can’t help you otherwise.

mentioned as +BATT 2nd of connector

Did you edit the zones to belong to the respective nets?

Also do these zones connect to a source. It is easy to end up with isolated islands

yes only one of the header … please refer the image.

This is not what I meant.
You need to edit the zone parameters and assign a net. This is not done automatically.
Point to a zone edge. Hit “E”. Clarify to select your zone, and in the dialogue you can select the approriate net.

Thank you for your support .

i have selected the +BATT net for zone settings please find the image.

While it looks like pin 2 does indeed connect to the zone, the zone is made up of a bunch of isolated islands.

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