Filled zone isn't filling properly (SOLVED)


I’m making a very simple board with three pairs of pins, where each pair is connected together.

I decided to connect the pairs using filled zones instead of tracks. The zones behave as I expect for the first two pairs. But for the third pair, it seems to draw just a small track between the two pins, instead of filling the entire zone. Why is this zone behaving differently than the other two? (7.4 KB)


You have Thermal relieve activated in the pad connection settings of the zone. Switch this to solid.

To get to this dialog (in open gl canvas) left click on the zone outline to select it and then press E, or right click on the zone outline and select properties from the menu that pops up.

(Switching to open gl is done with F11 or via the view menu. I don’t know how this is done in legacy because i never used that canvas.)