Filled rectangle?

How do I create a filled rectangle, for annotation purposes, similar to this?

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I don’t see a way to do this currently. The only kludge I can think of would to be create the box as a footprint. I think you can vary the width of the lines for more emphasis. One of my major complaints with web sites is designers using backgrounds making things harder to read. That is what color will do here. I think line width and color choice for emphasis will get you a more readable result.

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To be honest the kicad way would be to have the schematic split up into multiple hierarchical sheets instead of having everything on one massive page.

(The input and gain stages could even be multiple instances of the same source sheet. At least it looks like that in the picture your posted.)

Or simply surround the areas with a simply graphical line (without backgound fill) It looks even a bit strange to me that the background of these rectangles is filled. “If everything is highlighted nothing is” might apply here. In kicad 5 you can change the color of graphical lines and their style

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Didn’t someone post a really nice presentation earlier? I think top level was more block diagram? The decision to leave some symbols filled, along with different colors for different things, makes finding a suitable background color while maintaining readability (arguably the most important part of the schematic) problematic.

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Agree with @hermit. Add this filled option (also circle / ellipse and arrow) will create a high level annotation and documentation of the projects.
I usually leave written some (block) diagrams to help calibration and board installation. This features will make my life easy.

As far I now this will need some new information stored in the files and can not be implemented at v5 branch due the code freeze but will be nice develop this features at Nightly and future v6.

@Zom-B, since is your idea, do you matter to search for analogous and post this idea at

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I think so. I may have posted in the same thread and shown one example of an attempt in a design to use an screen-grab image and place it over the hierarchical sheet.

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