Filled area with dedicated C, R values


some suppliers provide materials (see attached) aiming to put in PCBs filled areas with integrated C and R … could KiCAD allow to manage this ? setting R and C of a filled area ?

thanks All

3M_EmbeddedCapacitor.pdf (614.3 KB)
FaradFlex Oak-Mitsui ProductChart-For-MEMS-Packages-Modules.pdf (566.6 KB)

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Depends on what your goal is. KiCad has no direct support for such materials, but you could of course just draw geometrical shapes in the PCB or in footprints indicating areas where such materials should be applied, you’d probably use a custom layer for that. The rest is communicating your intent to the manufacturer.

thanks Jonathan ! of course everything could be done manually (I am doing it now), was wondering if any work in progress to make it easier to do, such materials will be more and more utilized I guess

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