Fill zone creating gaps


Hello all,
well, I’ve been used Kicad for 2 years and never experienced that. I created a GND zone over the hole board as usual in some projects but this time it does not fill right. Filling it created some gaps apparently for no reason, places the zone should just fill, as also not connecting GND pads.

I tried to change minimum width and clearance without success. Does anyone knows what I am doing wrong??
Thanks for help.


What kicad version and what canvas are you using?
Are there some special settings in the pads of the footprints?


This usually happens when you combination of design rules (trace width and space) and zone properties (clearance, width, relief clearance and spoke width) conspire against you.


What do I know but the traces marked as ‘Not Connected’ appear to go off the pad contact point (like when using the wrong grid size/or different grid size than the part, when routing). And as it appears they are all physically attached to ground… Where you say ‘GND Signal Conected’ the ground flows around and IS connected to the points you say are not. Am I seeing this differently than everyone else?


You are at least partly right. There is a connection for dc. But for ac it would be better if the connection could be made as expected.

The gnd zone looks odd overall. These very long slots look suspicious. (I have never encountered such a behavior myself.) I hope the original poster runs nighties and not stable. (Would be bad if the stable release has such a bad bug.) Nevertheless i think this merits a bug report.


I’m seeing issues with the footprint, but maybe it’s just me. I’m not implying the GND connection is ideal, just not ‘Not Connected’. The oddities I marked with a white pen in photoshop. I agree about the slots and I’ve never had this issue myself in all the time I’ve used KiCad. Yes hopefully it’s a nightly release thing.


It would be interesting to see what it looks like with the zone not filled.


EXACTLY. That would help in diagnosing the problem.


This is my KiCad version:


Below a picture with zones not filled:


Also the same gaps in other parts of the board. Witch makes me think it’s not the footprint. Also considering I used Kicad standards footprints.


It is a shot in the dark but you could try updating to 4.0.6


Can you get us a screenshot of the GND filled zone settings and also the Net Classes Editor tab from the Design Rules Editor please?

What happens with the fill if you change it from thermal spokes to solid?


Below the zone properties:

I belive I solved it. Changing the spoke width to 0,4 removed the gaps. I realize the spoke width value was too big. Don’t know why does it was responsible for those gaps, I will be glad if someone could explain it to me.