Fill free pcb with label via (via stitching)


When i do a pcb, i used to finish it filling free places with grounds vias, but it’s not always simple to do a modification on pcb after that.

So is it possible to have a function to fill pcb free place with vias like the fill zone function (with label selection, size, space X, space Y), maybe it can be a part of fill zone function.

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I think the term you search for is via stitching.
I’m not sure what you mean with the label part. Could you enlighten me?

Sadly there is not (yet) a simple way to add something like this.
I think better via stitching support is planned for the v5 release. But i seem to remember that the part of automatically adding the vias is still missing. (Read it somewhere on the mailing list a few month ago.)

Have a look at these tutorials:

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This might be the way to go at the moment:

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