File Format Specifications

I’m looking for the file format document, and the copy on the KiCAD-PCB,org site seems broken. The PDF I download from there is unreadable. Does any one know of another source? My searches offer no enlightenment.


I’m specifically looking for page layout file format information, but need schematic and PCB info as well.

Follow this mailing list thread for a while, I hope you’ll get the answer there:

It’s a bit out of date but this is the copy from bazaar

file_formats.pdf (379.2 KB)

Thanks. This gives me what I was looking for.

jp charras gave all the files in his follow up post:

I find that that post gives very strange files to download for the .odt files. For example:

The schematic format link is:

What is binmbEenoCC3S.bin? Why is the link not schematic_file_format_EN.odt? What do I do with a .bin file?

Is there a reason why these aren’t just checked into a repo somewhere?

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