File explorer KiCad icons in v8

Minor complaint regarding the file explorer icons for KiCAD v8. I can no longer tell at a glance the difference between a project, schematic, and PCB file.

Previously they looked like this:

I am using KiCAD in Windows 11. My file explorer is set to “Details” view, and I use TortiseGit on my projects, so that is the green check mark in the bottom left of the icons. To me, this is a regression as it takes more effort to find and open what I am wanting to open from the file explorer.

I thought I would post here and get others opinions too.


I understand this issue. It is also even more problematic because by default the file extensions on windows are hidden, so you really can’t tell them apart. Same thing happens for cloud tools such as OneDrive etc

I created an issue for this on GitLab. Feel free to chime in if you would like to see it reverted.