File creation date wrong

Hello, I am a new KiCad user. I created a new project on 1/22/2020 but when i go to project directory it shows the file was created on 12/4/2019
My system date is correct any ideas what can be causing this? Also in Eeschema sometimes the program crashes and becomes unresponsive in all windows. The only way to get out of it is by killing each window with the task manager.
I should add I am using Kicad Ver 5.1.5


I guess you are using Windows? When creating a project, KCad copies the .pro file from the default file in the installation folder, e.g. C:\Programs\KiCad-5.1.5\share\kicad\template\
The way Windows works, it copies the date of the file too, so you get the date of the “template” file.


this is a bug, even if a minor one, because the sw should handle to assign to the file(s) the date of the creation of the project.

Yes I am using window 10 and knowing is a bug now I’ll just wait for a patch fix.


Nobody will fix it if it’s not reported, so you should report it:

Crashes and freezings are serious bugs and are taken very seriously by the developers, but unfortunately often difficult to repeat and therefore it’s difficult to find the reason and fix it. Finding repeatable actions which cause them are very valuable for the developers. If you can describe situations where they happen you can help the developers and also all users.

I will try and troubleshoot the issue. I can’t say right now what triggered the event. I think I was adding footprints to the library but this morning happened again and I don’t recall what I did prior to the freezing. I will try and repeat the situation.

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