File crash in kicad 7.0.8 ok in 7.0.7

I’ve attached my project to this post.
I can open the schematic with kicad 7.0.7 (x64 windows) just fine. I also open on 7.0.6 ubuntu.
But with kicad 7.0.8 (x64 windows), kicad crash when I open the schematic.
it’s the same with kicad 7.0.10 (x64 windows) (497.3 KB)

You should raise an issue for this on GitLab. The developers take crashes very seriously and there are still commits to the V7.0 branch daily

I’ve open a ticket on gitlab

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Current stable version is KiCad V7.0.10 You should at least update to that version before you make a bug report. This is also mentioned in the template you get when you attempt to open a bug report from within: KiCad / Help / Report Bug

  • When creating an issue against the stable version of KiCad, make sure the latest available stable version is installed as issues may have already been resolved in later stable versions. →

Edit / Update.
I found the issue on gitlab:

and see it has multiple confirmations (including mine :slight_smile: ) and also for V8.

As I said, I’ve tested it on 7.0.10 and it also crash.
But it’s working on 7.0.7 and not on 7.0.8, that could help to find out the problem.

After ‘one minute’ of inspection of the downloaded project, I observe:

• Four Schematics in the project and one PCB
• Two of the Schematics Crash kicad
• The other Two open okay
• The PCB opens okay

Whats wrong with the Two Schematic’s? I opened in Text editor and see these two schematic have a listing for:

script generated (kicad-library-utils/schlib/autogen/connector/)"(at000)

The two that open okay don’t have that.

I deleted the two bad ones from the project and Project now opens okay in 7.0.10

ADDED 1: Also, delete the ICK file that gets created at crash time.

ADDED 2: It seems that ‘Perhaps’ you used the Stand-Alone versions of Kicad, Schematic, PCB… In order to get them all listed, I specifically opened each using Open with Kicad, not Open with Eeschema.
Result shown in last Screenshot…

A fix was already committed around 10 minutes before your post.

On gitlab, the issue links to:

So I’m guessing the script added empty “LIB_PART” things (whatever those are).

And as a result, it should be included in the next KiCad release (V7.0.11 and V8.0.0~rc3)

I’ll wait a day, and check with the 7.0.x testing, if my problem is fixed.
In the mean time I’ll stay on 7.0.7 to work on this board.

thank you all for your feedback.

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