Field Unknown in Dwgs.User Layer

Hi everyone,

I downloaded footprint for the diode and have a strange field in Dwgs.User Layer. Gray rectangular on a picture below.

What’s the purpose of this field and how I can remove it?


Maybe the footprint is automatically converted from some other format, with bad result. Can’t you just select and delete it in the footprint editor? What KiCad version are you using?

It might be a graphical polygon. This was not supported in v4. (It was handled by the display side of things but you can not interact with it)

If this is the case your only option to “save” this FP is by using a text editor.

But to be honest the rest of the footprint does not really fill me with confidence either. (Pin 1 on a non standard position, silk overlapping copper, Lack of an outline on the fab layer, lack of the courtyard area, …)

So you might be better off creating a new footprint your self. (or look in the official lib. This one looks similar to the PLCC-4 footprints found in the LED lib for v5. Some should have already been in the v4 lib but if they are not you can download the footprint in question directly from github.)

If I were doing this for a personal library I wouldn’t care about the location of pin 1, especially because the numbering doesn’t go counter-clockwise. Otherwise I agree.

When I need such a simple footprint I usually don’t even try to find a ready-made one, I just make my own. It’s often quicker than to find one and edit that according your preferences.

The pin 1 position is only important if you intent to have your board assembled by a machine. In that case your live is just easier if you follow industry standards. (But even if you ignore them you will be able to get it done. Might just cost you a bit extra for the extra programming time needed.)

But to be honest i just learned that if such minor things are already wrong, the land pattern is most likely also not quite right.

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The order is from the datasheet,

what we miss here is:
Where did you downloaded the footprint from?

Thanks everyone,

I can’t be sure what is downloading source, because this footprint now becomes part of my lib.
My KiCAD version is:

[SOLVED] - I made my one footprint, that’s the fastest way and you have a right about pinout.

you guys are crazy :slight_smile:, thank you again. Sorry if I miss to answering someone.

Yes, and the angled silk over Pad 3, suggesting that is where Pin 1 of the part should land. These reasons alone would have me deleting it off of my machine permanently.

The PLCC parts are a bit “special” regarding the polarity mark. The package it self has its mark on pin 3. We where not really sure how to handle this in the official lib. In the end we decided to mark pin 1 with the default IPC polarity mark but also add a 3 near pin 3.
I was so unsure about that that i even asked here for help: Are polarity markers always at pin 1 (lowest pin number) or can there be cases where they mark some other pin?

I had never seen one of these before. What a PITA!

Just sharing my opinion here, I know that KiCad libraries have their own requirements. I’d disqualify the DataSheet from my designs. I’d modify the DataSheet to move the pad and pin number locations.

The reason is that the triangle should specify Pin 1 and Pad 1 locations; and in the current document both the physical part and land pattern have this in the upper left, which is normal.

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