Fichier net ne demarre pas

bjr y a t il quelqu’un qui a une explication que lorsque je lance le rien ne se passe
merci pour vos suggestions

You don’t “run”
The flow is schematic - annotate - assign footprints -create netlis - pcbnew - read netlist
This is an English language forum

I personally have no trouble with people posting in another language on the off chance someone may be able to help them. That said, if no one answers I wouldn’t leave the post up for too long because we have no way to know what’s in it. But that’s for the mods to decide. Last time someone posted in another language they did get some help from a regular member so I didn’t question it.

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Pourquoi voulez-vous lancer un fichier .net, @patrick18 ?
Un fichier .net dans le contexte de KiCAD est un netllist, comme @davidsrsb a indiqué déjà et n’est pas exécutable.

EDIT: In forum lingo:
Why would you want to start a .net file @patrick18?
A .net file in the context of KiCAD is a netlist, as @davidsrsb has already said, it is not executable.

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