Feature suggestion: Auto-clean of _small_ unconnected end tracks

I don’t know if this has been suggested before, but I thought it might be worth bringing up, in case others think it’s a good or bad idea.

When working in the PCB editor, moving parts and tracks around, it is very easy to end up with small tracks that are picked up with the DRC as “Warning: Track has unconnected end”. Often they are hidden under pads of course. They are easy to delete, but a pain because often there are half a dozen or more, depending on how drastically parts were moved around.
I was wondering, to improve productivity, maybe there could be an option in the DRC or elsewhere, to auto-clean up any short unconnected track (by short, I’m thinking say 2mm or less, or if there is a way of doing it even more intelligently, anything more less than half the length of the pad it is under, i.e. auto-delete only if it is entirely under a pad). This could save a lot of hassle cleaning up!
Maybe it’s a bad idea, I don’t know. But I figured it was worth throwing out there, in case it’s of interest.
Many thanks.

Did you try Tools->Cleanup tracks and vias?


You mean this?


Yessir. But with the last one checked as well

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Thanks! That works well : )

Always save your project before using this tool, it can surprise you, especially if you have been using via stitching or tracks on both sides in parallel