Feature Request - Visibility Settings (With Nothing Visible, Why are Some Things Still Visible?)

I know that this is not the place to ask for a feature request; but, it is a good place to discuss with others how to make the “official” feature request as clear as mud … er… change it to something other then my attempt and make it as clear as crystal.

With every visible box unchecked, there are still holes and TH pads still visible in the GL and Cairo canvases. This is not the case with the Legacy canvas. Perhaps this is already fixed in the nightlies?

Next, maybe should be a new thread, is there some good way to group the visible boxes from Layer to Render? When I click on F.Cu to make it visible I (most of the time) want to make the Render items Footprints Front, Pads Front - also toggle Layer Items F.SilkS, F.CrtYd, and F.Fab to follow the F.Cu selection.

Well, maybe not exactly with that logic; but that is the starting point.

Can a “check box” check indicator be “greyed out”? As such to indicate that the listed layers have been “turned off at the moment” by this feature?

For example, I might be trying to find a good location for a VIA from one side of the board. I just need to see everything on the front copper that ends up on the front copper layer of the Gerber files.

But, I might then want to select one of the other visibles, either Layer or Render to assist to ensure compliance with the other layers.

At the moment, for me to switch between a clear view of the Front and Back layers of my board, I have to do an awful lot of “visibles” box checking/un-checking to get a clear view without clutter.

Any ideas if this is in the works? And, if not, how to word this to get attention?

No, but I would like a similar feature.

I think this would be an ideal use-case for macro like feature (Python) that could be attached to a tool button or menu entry. Maybe the Action Plugins already cover this?

Btw, I will “like” every post you make where you manage not to use CAPS :slight_smile:

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i probably could have written out the “suggestion” a little better; but i was annoyed at the fact that with all the “visibles” turned off, things were still visible.

After giving this some thought, maybe the top two “visible entries” could be “everything front” along with “everything back”.

But, should there be a “selection box” for what “everything” means? Perhaps if the layers are not shown in the “Layers Setup” window then that takes a form of precedence?

I can think of many ways to tackle this and I’m not sure what method would benefit the masses.

Thanks for any replies.