Feature request: v5 change entire track width

When I was using the v4 last release, one of the nicest feature was to be able to change the width on an entire track, or just the current segment.

I’m using v5.0.2, and the only way to change track width is to select the segment and change the properties, and obviously, it only changes the selected segment. What a PITA…

It’d be nice to have that feature added to v5.

There are choices of
Trivial connection
Copper Connection
Whole Net

each one typically selects more copper. Once selected you can change width.

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In PcbNew:
1). Right click on a track.
2). Context menu: “Select” and Trivial / Copper / whole net.
3) Right click again & “Properties”.
4). Fill in a width for your selectrion.

Or with shorcuts to set the copper connection to “0.4” (inch or mm, whatever is current):
1). Click on a trace.
2). i, e, 0.4 [Enter]

Alternatively, it will save you a lot of time and be generally more professional if you learn to work with net classes:

Pcbnew / Setup / Design Rules.

If you set up your design rules after you layed down some tracks then you can reset track with to their (changed) Design rule settings with:

Pcbnew / Edit / Edit all tracks and vias.

There are probably more ways to influence track width, especially when drawing new tracks, but I’m not gonna list them all here…

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