Feature request: leave group selected


I’m making a schematic right now with very recurrent patterns (a lot of identical filters). I can copy a subset and duplicate it, it works fine. By the way, thanks a lot for the interface, drag select is very helpful, I don’t think I can go back to 5.1.9. And beside this, the R command now works on the whole groupe. Well done!

Now there is something that would be very handy in my case (but I understand that other may disagree). When I select and duplicate, once the subset is laid to its final place, it gets automatically deselected. I think it would be very helpful to continue to duplicate, therefore have the whole filter (in my case) which is laid and then stays on the tip of the mouse for a new instance. That would be a great fist step to modules. By the way, does this feature exist?

By the way, I found a drawback: in 5.1.9, pressing w would start a wire, but pressing it again would end it, at least if it’s on an “active point”. In 5.99, this doesn’t work anymore. w starts a wire all the time, it will not end it even if it’s on an active point. It was handy. One hand moves the mouse, the other sends commands.

Well there is the option to use hierarchical design Hierarchical or flat schematic design, what is best for me? (How to deal with multi page schematics?) and the replicate layout plugin can then help with the layout.

You could just use copy and paste, they work normally as in any software. Then you can paste as many times as you wish.

But for me the duplicated items are left selected after I have placed them. Is your version up to date?

As Rene said, if you need several identical “channels”, using hierarchical sheets and Replicate Layout plugin would be wise.

Maybe another vote for hierarchical sheets and the Replicate Layout Plugin.
It depends a bit on what your filters look like.
However, if they’re anything like the pi filters such as used 30 years ago on for example data lines of LPT ports, then placing the whole filter as a single component is a better option.

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