Feature request KiCAD versions > 6

The new rule language in 5.99 is awesome. I would like to propose using the same language to define selection filters. The current hard-coded selection filters are very handy, but it would be even greater if KiCAD came with some default filters and the capability for the user to extend that using the rule language.

This seems like a valid request for a useful new feature.

Probably something similar can now already be done with Python scripting in KiCad, but that is (also) an area I have not delved in.

One of the goals for KiCad V7 is to modernize the GUI with dockable toolbars and this probably also makes it easier to integrate random extension into KiCad.

The normal procedure for feature requests is to create an account on Gitlab. That is where communications about KiCad development happens. Then search the issues list fist. (There are currently nearly 1200 open issues!) Maybe a similar request has already been made, and if so, then you can append to that thread. If there are no similar Ideas to yours, then you can create an issue for it yourself.

Note there is no hurry to do so.
Currently almost all development effort is going into making KiCad-nightly V5.99 ready to be released as KiCad V6. After the release candidates and the final release of V6.0 there probably will be some time of fixing minor bugs when many more people start using KiCad V6.

Somewhere around that time there may be an attempt of prioritizing goals and mile poles for V7 (I am not a developer, do not know much about that). As an Open Source project however, most development is done by volunteers and they work on issues that they personally like or have some interest in.

Expression search is on the V7 roadmap

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