Feature request: 3d viewer: add solder between pads on the board and components

I think it would be cool if the 3d viewer could pretend the parts to be soldered to the board.

My thirst thought is that the viewer can find the height of the true hole wire, and then render a pyramid of solder, the base of the pyramid is the pad on the board, and the height is the length of the true hole wire. This can be maximized to be a certain factor of the size of the pad. For more realism the side of the pyramid can be curved instead of straight.

For a SMD component, where the connection is made at the side of the component (like a 0805 resistor), the viewer van take the height of the component, and assume the entire 3d surface that’s above the pad is conductive. Then the viewer can render 3 “tent shaped” pieces of solder, and join those with two pyramids in between

See the mock up below. ( it’s in 2d, I don’t currently have the skills to render the idea in 3d.)