Feature: Components Partnumber

Hi all,

I’m drawing at the moment a few pcbs with KiCad and there I have to set for each part the manufacturer number to get a BOM. This is really anoying especially for resistors and capacitors. Therefore I wrote a script to assign to create for each resistor the partnumber with the value in the component and a specific Line of resistors (From a specific manufacturer).
How are you doing something like this?

Maybe we can collect all ideas in this Thread and then I have an idea how the tool should look like.

The idea is to specify the line of resistors (later we can specify properties and all series are checked where the most properties which are selected match) and then the script assigns to each resistor a partnumber if not manually specified (because there migth some resistors which have special requirements).


  1. How to determine all available resistor lines?
    • manually?
    • from digkey, mouser, …?
  2. How to determine all available resistors in one line?

I found kifield for python with which it is possible to parse the schematic (after v6 is release it can be changed to the official api)

There is a discussion about into the KiCost features request: https://github.com/xesscorp/KiCost/issues/17

Particularly, as one of the developers, I would like to develop this feature but it have more code dependencies (as I commented in the link), needing some help.

For example, one of the dependencies stands to scrap and understand the difference of typing values (1k, 1kR, 1kohm, 1kOmega, …).

Have you tried:
Eeschema / Tools / Edit Symbol Fields

Then “Add field” in the lower left corner, and then use the “Group by” check boxes to copy attributes to different parts?

I’m planning to experiment a bit with this soon, and see how it integrates with the different current BOM Tool scripts.

Yes, but if I have many resistors with different values, the partnumber is different

@Muz Are you using libraries for your projects? Or directly dropping in template parts into your schematic and then adding manufacturer data right there?

In the Edit Symbol Fields you can also group the symbols by Footprint and value at the same time, so you can copy the partnumber for all the 00805 100nF capacitors.